Cheap or Frugal??

I just had a potential customer call. He wanted to know what our prices were. I told him our current price for 35mm slides to digital at 4000PPI, which includes scanning, overall Photoshop editing and a data disk or DVD slide show disk, was 39 cents per slide. Before I knew what was happening, he said that we had a competitor that was charging half what we were and then he hung up before I could say anything other than “good luck”.

We have been stuck at that 39 cents per slide price since 2004. We can’t go any lower and make a profit. Before that, 2002-2004, we were at 59 cents per slide. We pretty much set the standard for scanning prices back then. Then along came this devious outfit from India that was undercutting everyone’s prices. They could do it by shipping huge pallets of slide scanning projects to India and probably having little kids do their assembly line scanning for them. They hid the fact that they were sending the projects to India in their extensive “Terms of Service” agreement that said they could change the agreement at any time. They said that they had scanning offices in the USA and that your project could be scanned in the USA or be shipped to India. I doubt if they scanned even 1% of the jobs in the USA. Completely deceptive on purpose. When I posted those facts on our website, they had a lawyer send me a “cease and desist” letter. Said we were lying. I know they did the same to other small fry businesses as well. In later years they fessed up to the fact. They are still in business today. I can’t afford to name them but you should read the fine print for any website that is advertising lower prices than ours and makes you join some kind of club or membership agreement. Buyer beware.

Over the years, competition comes and goes. Anyone with a $99 doorstop, crap scanner thinks they can make some easy money and offer cut-rate prices to snake away our customers. They may do that for a while until they have a lot of unhappy customers on their hands. Then the cost of refunds for a lot of work/time will drive them out of business.

We have run tests with some of our bigger competitors, specifically Walgreen’s and Costco. Their work does not compare to ours. They might even use the same expensive scanning equipment that we do but they are just farming out the work to some outfit in Chicago. Take a look at our sample scans comparing our scans to theirs. The difference is amazing. Our final scans are so much better because we have Photoshop experts working on each scan.

So: Frugal or Cheap?
Being frugal will mean putting VALUE as your bottom line.
Being cheap puts PRICE as your bottom line.
Cheap can be good if you will end up with something similar.
Cheap can be very bad when you are preserving your family photo history. You want the best value for something like that because the results are different depending on who you choose to do your scanning for you.

At Affordable Scanning Services, we think we have the very best value for your money and we might not be more expensive than the cheapo places that most likely will not give you the beautiful results that we will.

Take advantage of our offer to scan ten of your slides as Demo Scans, no charge. Don’t make a very big mistake. Check our results with our competitor’s results. You won’t be sorry you did.

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